Adam Ogilvie

Adam Ogilvie, born in 1971, came up as the peak of analogue gave way to the beginnings of a rudimentary digital world. His work confronts the strange moments created by these times where pre-history and post-apocalypse collide. Disaster looms over innocent sensuality, a reaction to the possibilities of birth in a dark time.

Adam Ogilvieʼs paintings, with their dreamlike imagery,  unnatural light and colors, figures and objects seemingly frozen in time, create an oddly specific language of myth.  The imagery is deeply rooted in pop and folk iconography, early video games, childhood cartoons, psychedelic culture and the sign paintings of Woody Guthrieʼs America. At the same time the work is influenced by the traditions of far eastern vessels and scrolls, Byzantine stained glass and mid-century modern design.  

Adam’s recent sculptures are totemic, sensual forms made of foam, aqua-resin and paint.  Like religious artifacts from an unknown faith, they seem to document an archeological dig for cave drawings inscribed in the subconscious; a search for the images and shapes that inform the primal - love, belief, libido, anxiety.

His most recent shows were Your Blinded Hand, 2011 and Oceans Between Us, 2008 at the Josee Bienvenu Gallery in New York City. His work has been shown at London_07 (London), High Desert Test Sites 4 (Joshua Tree, CA), the Fine Silver Gallery (Houston), and The NADA Art Fair (Miami and Basel).  He has produced public art works for the Piazza Su Cuzzoni in Sardinia, Italy and was a recipient of the Gamblin Painting Award for excellence in painting. His work is in collections around the world including the West and Charles Schwab collections.

Adam Ogilvie currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.